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Rules sections

Board rules

This page is designed to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules, we ensure that our board runs smoothly and without problems. If you have any question regarding these rules, do not hesitate to contact a staff member with your question.

  1. Accounts

    1. Only one account is permitted per person. If a user is found to posses multiple accounts, they may have all of their accounts suspended indefinitely.
    2. Usernames must be appropriate for general viewing. Crude names or domain names used as usernames may be rejected by an administrator.
    3. “Sockpuppet” accounts are not permitted. Do not assume the identity of another individual: whether a real-world person, a celebrity, journalist, etc. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate suspension of said account.
    4. If a previously banned member attempts to create a new account, the account will be banned immediately.
    5. Upon registering, a valid e-mail address must be used when authenticating. “Throw-away” addresses or non-existent addresses are not allowed. Not providing a legitimate e-mail address may result in the account being denied registration until a valid e-mail is provided.
    6. Requests to delete one's account will be respectfully denied. If you think you may regret posting something, do not post it.
  2. Posting

    1. All posts must be in English, unless used for the purpose of providing commentary.
    2. Post must be on topic. Any posts that serve to derail a thread in a manner that is considered unconstructive may result in a warning being issued to the offending party.
    3. Do not post or link to anything that may be considered grotesque, sexually explicit, copyrighted, or otherwise illegal based on US law by which the hosting of this site is governed. What constitutes a violation of this rule is at the discretion of an administrator or moderator who may remove the offending post and issue a warning/ban based on their evaluation.
    4. Trolling is not permitted. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to discontinue your ability to post on the forums at any given time if it is suspected that you may be posting only to stir up trouble or be harmful to other members or the board in general.
    5. Hate speech will not be tolerated. This may include the discrimination of others based on race, religious alignment, social and economic class and so on. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning or suspension based on the severity of such remarks.
    6. Posting of personal, sensitive or otherwise undesirable information about a member is not permitted. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a warning or suspension based on potential severity of said post.
    7. Deleting or editing posted messages to significantly change the content is not permitted, especially if the message already has replies.
    8. No Unsolicited Advertising. This includes 'spam' or posts considered to be excessively promoting a site. If an account is seen to be created specifically for the purposes of spam, the team reserves the right to issue a ban and remove all related posts in question without prior notice.
    9. Posts that blatantly attack or harrass another user, often resulting in a flame war or derail, are prohibited. Further: continued harrassment through PMs or other threads or means of contact can result in a warning or removal from the boards.
  3. Threads

    1. Before creating a thread, make use of the search function to determine whether a thread already exists on the topic you wish to write about. One thread per subject is enough.
    2. Thread titles should be a concise explanation of what your thread is about. Do not use ALL CAPS or titles that only seek to grab attention, e.g. “Look here!” or “Must read!”.
    3. Thread content based on an externally linked article or video should be cited within the thread and accompanied by an excerpt of said content to prevent ambiguity (4-5 paragraphs would generally suffice).
    4. Should a video or article be provided, we advise a short description (1-2 lines) be accompanied to instigate dialogue. Posting blanket articles or videos with no commentary multiple times may constitute as spam.