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Random Observations About Whoever

Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:32 am

Thought maybe could start a thread for people to post exactly what the title says.

Been observing Anthony Padilla on YouTube the past while; basically since he left Smosh. It's hard to tell if he's acting or if he's having a breakdown. Most of his first few officially solo videos ended with him crying, leaving many viewers concerned about his mental health. His latest series of videos are a...possibly tongue-in-cheek...straight guys guide for Fall. He does have a point in things being more geared towards women, although I'm not sure if he's aware that a large majority of consumers *are* females; which is why they're a target audience for most advertising. Women and kids, cuz kids nag and whine more than the stereotypical housewife bemoaned about do regularly in straight-man humour. Whatever the case may be, Anthony has certainly become...interesting.

Has anybody else been having random thoughts about anyone in the media?
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