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Please Stay away? Why?

Environmental issues, staying in optimal health and avoiding poisons in everyday foods.
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Re: Please Stay away? Why?

PostSun Aug 02, 2015 1:30 pm

Some one told me
the reason it's considered to be an "unclean food" is because pigs have NO SWEAT GLANDS

which is how all the bodily TOXINS are released

hence with pork it all stays in the meat for the duration of their lives and it has accumulated all the while therein from birth
Why PIG is Haraam?
(Most scientific conversation) sent by British Minister
Bob : Tell me why is it that a Muslim is very particular about the words Halaal and Haraam; what do they mean?

BM: That which is permissible is termed Halaal and that which is not permissible is termed Haraam and it is the Quran which draws the distinction between the two.

Bob: Can you give me an example?

BM: Yes, Islam has prohibited blood of any type. You will agree that a chemical analysis of blood shows that it contains an abundance of uric acid, a chemical substance which can be injurious to human health.

Bob: You're right about the toxic nature of uric acid, in the human
being it is excreted as a waste product and in fact we are told that 98% of the body's uric acid is extracted from the blood by the kidneys and removed through urination.

BM: Now I think that you'll appreciate the special prescribed method of animal slaughter in Islam.

Bob: What do you mean?

BM: You see, the wielder of the knife, whilst taking the name
of the 'Almighty', makes an incision through the jugular veins, leaving all other veins and organs intact.

Bob : I see, this causes the death of the animal by a total loss of blood from the body, rather than an injury to any vital organ.

BM: Yes, were the organs, example the heart, the liver, or the brain crippled or damaged, the animal could die immediately and its blood would congeal in its veins and would eventually permeate the flesh. This implies that the animal flesh would be permeated and contaminated with uric acid and therefore very poisonous; only today did our dieticians realize such a thing.

Bob: Again, while on the topic of food; Why do Muslims condemn the eating of pork or ham or any foods related to pigs or swine

BM: Actually, apart from the Quran prohibiting the consumption of
pork, bacon (pig flesh); in fact the Bible too in Leviticus Chapter 11: Verse 8, regarding swine it says, 'of their flesh (of the swine, another name for pig) shall you not eat, and of their carcass you shall not touch; they are unclean to you.' Further, did you know that a pig cannot be slaughtered at the neck for it does not have a neck; that is according to its natural anatomy. A Muslim reasons that if the pig was to be slaughtered and fit for human consumption the Creator would have provided it with a neck. Nonetheless, all that aside, I am sure you are well informed about the harmful effects of the consumption of pork, in any form, be it pork chops, ham, bacon.

Bob: The medical science finds that there is a risk for various diseases the pig is found to be a host for many parasites and potential diseases.

BM: Yes, even apart from that, as we talked about uric acid content in the blood, it is >>important to note that the pig 's biochemistry excretes only 2% of its total uric acid content, the remaining 98% remains as an integral part of the body. Plus as everyone knows that swine (pig) eats its own excretion, which means that of all the uric acid and the other waste products excreted, most of it goes back inside again.

Why did God create the pig if He did not intend for us to eat it? ... r_embedded

▶ د.ذاكر يجيب!!ما خطيئة آدم؟ حقيقة المرأة عند النصارى؟ - YouTube ... p&index=23

اثبت أني مخطئة وسوف اعتنق الاسلام - د ذاكر نايك YouTube


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Re: Please Stay away? Why?

PostFri Aug 07, 2015 12:56 pm

اسلام كاميروني بعد سؤاله هل يوجد سلام في العالم - د ذاكرYouTube

جديد اسئلة عن البعث والانتحار والاطفال المعاقين واجابات رائعة للدكتور ذاكر نايك YouTube


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Re: Please Stay away? Why?

PostWed Dec 21, 2016 6:23 pm

The truth about pigs from the BBC:

Reputation: Pigs sleep and root in faeces. Pigs sweat like pigs. Pigs are filthy animals. Pigs are pink. Male pigs can orgasm for half an hour.

Reality: These stereotypes are best explained by poor husbandry. In the wild, boars don't sleep and root in poo, they eat plants. They do wallow in mud but only because it's a good way to keep cool. Domesticated pigs are often pink, but only because we made them that way. Male pigs can ejaculate for minutes at a time.

In fact, a group of wild boars at Basel Zoo in Switzerland has become famous for its food hygiene.

The animals were given apple slices coated in sand. Rather than eating them immediately, they carried them "to the edge of a creek running through their enclosure where they put the fruits in the water and pushed them to and fro with their snouts before eating."

The boars would never do this for clean apples. Even if they were really hungry, they still took the time to wash their food.

Aside from their food choices, pigs also have a reputation for being more generally filthy.

Boars will wallow in mud, but they probably do it to keep cool.

This is because pigs do not have functional sweat glands, which is worth remembering next time someone claims they are "sweating like a pig". This physiological reality means that pigs are at serious risk of overheating, and muddy water evaporates much more slowly than clean water.

"A pig, like any animal, is going to try to be comfortable," says Greger Larson of the University of Oxford in the UK. "If that means getting dirty to stay cool then that's what it's going to do. It would probably find other solutions but those haven't been provided because you're keeping them in relatively dense pens."
A layer of mud on the skin may serve other purposes too, acting like sun cream to prevent the skin from burning, or as an insect repellent to deter mosquitoes and the like. Rubbing off a layer of caked mud may also be a nifty way to remove ticks and other parasites.

Paradoxically then, wallowing in mud may make for clean rather than dirty skin.

It is also worth remembering that the pink, almost hair-free animal that comes to mind at the mention of the word "pig" is a relatively recent human innovation.

Domestic pigs, and their wild relatives the wild boars, are just one member of an entire family of piggy animals called the Suidae. The family includes over a dozen species, from warthogs to pygmy hogs, babirusas, giant forest hogs and African bushpigs.

Genetic evidence suggests that wild boars were domesticated twice, from lineages in Asia and Europe. These ancestral boars began to diverge around one million years ago – long before domestication, which happened around 9,000 years ago. Despite this long separation, Asian and European wild boars have exactly the same camouflaged appearance.

The same cannot be said for domestic breeds. In these pigs, the gene encoding coat colour is immensely variable, and accordingly they display a range of colours and patterns.

We have fashioned this diversity in less than 10,000 years, says Larson. In a paper published in 2009, he and his colleagues wrote that "humans have cherry-picked rare mutations that would be quickly eliminated in wild contexts."

Source: ... about-pigs

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