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What kind of diet do I (and everyone else) need?

Environmental issues, staying in optimal health and avoiding poisons in everyday foods.
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What kind of diet do I (and everyone else) need?

PostThu May 07, 2015 4:59 pm

So, I have recently "woke up" to this world and what's happening. I do believe that the Illuminati control hollywood and most big business and corporation and a lot of what happens in the world for the sake of money and power at the cost of our lives and well-being. But, This is my first ever public forum post and I don't want it to be about all of this stuff everyone on this site already knows. My question is: FOOD

What are we to do? I survive on food stamps currently in the U.S. I've recently became aware about the "Abortion industry" A very real situation that is growing as we speak. So, What do I do for food? What would be a good shopping list? Should I stick to the vegetable section or is that even safe?? What about bottled water? No more sodas for sure..
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Re: What kind of diet do I (and everyone else) need?

PostThu May 14, 2015 11:46 pm

I suggest you grow your own organic food. If you have space problem, you can grow in containers and there are lots of crops you can plant. This way you reduce the items in your grocery list. If possible buy at your local farmers market if you have one near you. Produce sold in supermarkets is usually treated with chemical preservatives and chances are genetically modified. For health reasons, avoid or at least minimize processed food. If you can find a natural spring water in your area, well and good, it's the best drinking water and it's free! If not, you may opt to install a water filter for your home. Go Organic. Go local.

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