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Philosophical and metaphysical/spiritual discussions non specific to religion.
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Is 'selling your soul' just a metaphor?

Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:24 am

I don't want a religious debate about whether or not God/Satan, and Heaven/Hell are real - but speaking as an Atheist, as-well as someone who has always wanted to be a successful music artist (not by 'selling my soul') and wondered about the whole ordeal - is the term ultimately just a metaphor for something unrelated to some spiritual essence being sold to the devil?

The reason I wonder, is because if it were the latter and not the former, wouldn't that prove undoubtedly that Satan, and in turn God are real? Because in either case there is definitely no denying that certain famous and successful music artists have 'sold their soul' whether metaphorically or literally.

So does selling your soul simply mean you sell yourself out, and promote things say, your record label believes in but you don't? Or promoting evil things such as symbolism of satanic origin (one eye, devil horns etc.) to gain attention and hype over what you promote?
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