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Can you accept that Man is greater than God?

Theological and spiritual discussions within the context of a religious framework.
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Re: Can you accept that Man is greater than God?

PostThu Oct 12, 2017 8:30 am

Well, goodbye then Gnostic Bishop. We will see you here again in a few weeks.

I find your claims about this forum hilarious. It's a Muslim forum, despite the mods not being Muslim and there always being a mixture of all sorts, how people have been chased away... By whom? There is nobody here to chase away or do the chasing :lol:

I'm sure the official Vigilant Citizen site reopening the official forum had nothing to do with the exodus from this place :roll: :lol:

I just have one question for you, seeing as you think everything comes from nature...

Where does nature come from?

Super-nature :cool:

It's just the next level man, let go of your fear and hatred and embrace it. Life created the universe, not the other way around. That is why the laws of the universe (such as gravity) are all so fine-tuned to allow for its existence and by extension, life itself. If a single thing was off by a fraction, we wouldn't be here.
A fool thinks himself to be wise,
a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.
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Re: Can you accept that Man is greater than God?

PostFri Oct 13, 2017 10:07 pm

Gnostic Bishop wrote:Can you accept that Man is greater than God? No. Because

We can think. God Created the thought process itself and Blessed whoever He Willed with it.
We can reproduce true. God Created the reproduction process of all of His creatures. Only He Does Not Reproduce.
We can have many children. God Does Not Need children. We are the ones who need to replicate and who need to uphold our lineage and whatnot so that our children may perpetuate our good deeds and preserve what we have built.
We place the lives of our wives and families above our own. God Is The One Who Enables us to self-sacrifice. He Is The One Maintaining each and everybody alive. Also, after death, there's a different version of life, another dimension equally being Maintained into existence by Him.
We would cure instead of kill. God Created cure as well as sickness as tests of faith. God Created life as well as death. Everything is in pairs except for Him, The One Unequaled, The Only One Who Is Like Him.
We do not torture babies. God Does Not Torture anybody. God Protects whoever He Wills however He Wills. It is us who are blind to His Actions.
We believe in freedom. God Gave us all the freedom in the world. We are free to do as we please even to our own detriments if we forsake Him.
Jesus does which is why he took the judgement seat from His Father. Jesus had no father. He had a mother, Mary. God Created him without a father just like God Created Adam and Eve without any parents.

My heart's at ease knowing what has missed me was never meant for me.

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