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A Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist... Smoke Weed

Doesn't quite fit anywhere else? Share it here.
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A Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist... Smoke Weed

PostWed Mar 15, 2017 6:01 pm

Found this video rather charming. I'll be sharing it over on VC as well, just to see the more varied takes and reactions to it, but feel free to share your thoughts here.

I thought about posting it in Religions, but Miscellaneous seems to fit better. Feel free to talk religion in this thread though of course.

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"We all are to some extent [agnostic]... So yes, I'm an 'agnostic', in as much as I don't actually know what happens when I die. I choose to operate under the assumption that God does not exist. I have no need for God in my life, the concept of a 'God' feels incredibly made up to me. It is not requisite for my every day living. For some people it is. They are 'theistic agnostics,' I am an 'atheistic agnostic.'" - Cara Santa Maria

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