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VC board is back (again)

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Re: VC board is back (again)

PostFri Apr 28, 2017 12:22 pm

Thunderian wrote:Who are Michael Kanfi and Mitch Joel?

Many conspiracy theorists believe they are the two people that make up Vigilant Citizen, whereas VC insists that he has no relation to them and he is one person. In my interactions with VC I've only ever gotten the impression that he is one person, but I've really never looked into it or cared that much. It wouldn't necessarily be surprising if two or more people were behind the website and just one of them is used as the "face" (anonymous as it may be) that interacts with the people.
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Re: VC board is back (again)

PostSat Apr 29, 2017 2:01 pm

Loki wrote: I'll still check in here, but obviously this place has mostly died off.

I think you know why I stopped coming. You and the two guilty parties who can go f themselves. (Not you, Loki!) I basically logged in just to say that, and to rub it in Guilty Party #1's face that I actually have a bf now who legit lives around the corner from me and is a juggalo truther. Which is even more awesome considering I have a job I really like working with/for girls I also like, but I wouldn't be able to keep it were I still beating a dead green phallic-like creature. I guess dabbling with candles and incense really worked, especially the breaking bonds incense which finally set me free of the emotional chains I had tying me down to someone no longer worth my time.

And if the green phallus's idiotic mistake groupie happens to read this, damn skippy I'm ignoring you and your pm's, I never wanted you in my life or my inbox and I never wanted you here nor did Creeper. You may think you've won some battle your mind created, but the truth is I'm just living and loving life....and my future husband. Have fun stalking someone who regrets sticking his dick in you and who also thinks you're an idiot.

So yeah. Just logged in to say that. I doubt I'll be logging back in after this. I have 2 pm's that I refuse to go check due to the bts bs caused by SkankHunter42 and his Skank. So if the pm's are from Khadeejah, then sorry for ignoring you but you can get my private contact info from Scimi or Creeper here, or idk who posts on the VCF but I'm assuming Trenton is there and could also give you my number.

Time to go get extra pretty now. Going grocery shopping my real-life man :D (not altering my Creepers Creeper tag cuz so far as I'm concerned, Loki or Hex can delete my account. I don't want it anymore and if I come back, it'll be under a fresh name. I don't want SkankHunter's Skank harassing me anymore and she's worse than fucking herpes with her Here-Gone-Here-Gone-Back afuckingain bs. I'm dead serious, and Loki you know for a fact what I'm saying about her being worse than herpes is true. I just want to keep moving forward in life.
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Re: VC board is back (again)

PostSun Apr 30, 2017 8:27 am

I doubt you will want to hear this or anything else from me but I'm glad that you are happy now and moving forward in life. I wish you nothing but the best.

Take care.
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Re: VC board is back (again)

PostSat May 20, 2017 4:12 pm

@TU, I doubt you'll read this but I am happy you are happy and moved on. So did I.

I won't reveal who I used to be and I'm not coming here to post anymore than this message, but I have recently read how the VC boards are imploding again with the same members kicking a dead horse and I am so happy not to be a part of it this time.

Since I left my life has improved 150% and my head has become clearer too, the members of VC have a way of creating drama and headaches that cloud your vision in your real life. It's a healthier choice to stay away!

It taught me a lot about humanity, that is for sure. All in all it was a good lesson, but not one I would like to take again :D

Thanks to those with honest intentions, it was fun rolling with you :Smile:

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