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Attention: Sexual Content 2.

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Attention: Sexual Content 2.

PostThu Aug 29, 2013 2:17 pm

Hi there fellow VF members,

Further to a recent announcement I am reposting the below for the benefit of all that sexual content/erotic content is prohibited from being posted here. The reason for re-emphasis is this is due to our ads being disabled by Google for a posting violation which occurred some months ago. While this particular post was prior to our initial announcement we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all to discuss within, and to assure our friends at Google that their placement is on safe pages. Not only that, but the sites costs (hosting/domain) is funded via the Ads, and so we depend on this to a certain extent (We would rather not go down the donation route). It is difficult for us alone to moderate and screen all posts which come through, and so if you notice any untoward images/gifs/phrases please utilize the report function.

We trust we have your cooperation with this, and thank you all for making VF an awesome place.

Loki wrote:Unfortunately we will be cracking down on "sexual content" of all kinds and moving anything we deem possibly "sexual" into an invisible trash section that doesn't have any Google Ads attached to it. We received a notice from Google Ads letting us know that any pornographic or sexually explicit content should not be in a forum that is sponsored by Google Ads, which is how we are paying for the server space. They gave us 72 hours to fix this before they turned our account off. The notice was very broad in what constitutes as violating material so we are taking the necessary precautions.

Because we still do not think that donations are a wise or viable option to cover the costs of the site, we are going to do our best to make sure that the Ad Money isn't affected at this time. Sorry in advance if your threads dissappear, but they shouldn't be deleted, only moved. If it comes to us having to delete material we will offer a time period where you can grab any posts you want to keep from the thread before it is deleted. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Thank you all for hopefully understanding the predicament we are in. We wanted to let you know up front what was going on so that you all weren't confused upon seeing some threads missing.

If Hex has any other information he feels should be shared he will share it here.

Thank you.
"When I became," said he, "the becoming became.
I have become the becoming.
I am one seeing myself, divided.
I am two and four and eight.
I am the universe in diversity.
I am my transformations.
This is my coming together.
Here are my selves become one."

-- Egyptian Book of the Dead


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