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Attn: Moderator Roles, Chat Rules, Share Button.

PostFri Oct 04, 2013 8:12 pm

Hello all,

There has been some slight forum restructuring behind the scenes in light of concerns by various members being voiced. As always, we try to look at feedback from all angles and come to a decision which we feel ultimately benefits all and the site in general. This has resulted in a few 'minor' changes (relatively speaking) which we believe will make the Vigilant Forums an even better place.

1. Revised Moderator Roles:

The majority (If not all) warnings and bans on the site were conducted by either myself or Loki. This proved to be accepted by the majority, if not all, who trust myself or Loki to make a fair unbiased decision, which is something we strive for each and every single time. We consider it imperative all angles are taken into consideration, and as such actions are not taken lightly.

This revision to moderator roles is merely a formal extension of that philosophy. We found that whilst our Moderators did an exemplary job there was concern that an internal conflict may present themselves due to potential contradictions with ones own philosophy and those individuals which may directly be involved in an incident. In other words, concerns of bias with those deemed to hold some sort of 'authority' on the site. These concerns are inevitable, as the same was present on VC 2, regardless of whether a solid basis for said concerns were present or not.

This is why, after discussion with the Moderators, a slight restructuring of roles will be implemented, in that Moderators will now not deal directly with serving warnings to potential rule contraventions, aside from certain unequivocal scenarios. From a practical standpoint there will not be much change on the outset, as has been said, either myself or Loki handle forum warnings, however this will now be iterated formally.

So, from now this will be the role of 'Moderators' in a nutshell. The emphasis is less on moderation and more on 'pruning', allowing certain members to catch heating threads or spam before either myself or Loki have a chance to catch them, so that we are then able to deal with them appropriately when the situation arises. Any reports requiring Mod attention outside of the scope of the below will generally be handled by myself/Loki, and the thread will be tempa locked in the meantime whilst we get around to it. Ok, to summarise then, Moderators will formally carry out the below:
    • Move threads which require moving.
    • Lock threads that are getting out of hand and to allow myself/Loki to review
    • Delete clearcut spam and ban offending members of this rule.
    • Providing input on various discussions pertaining to the running of the site.
And so on. We have found due to the relatively stable userbase and scale of the site myself/Loki were comfortable handling the majority of the reports, so this is merely a formal iteration of that process. We hope Moderators are seen as less 'authority' and more as assisting the Admins in the smooth running of the site, and as a result even though they may hold their views on certain issues, does not result in accusations of potential bias which has been rampant on earlier incarnations of the site.

2. Chat Room Rules:

The Chat room is a natural extension of the site, and was implemented to allow for an increased networking between members in a relaxed real time atmosphere. Some on the site are very good friends, and as such we like to accommodate to that. We would however like to reiterate that ideally forum rules should also apply to Chat rules, however this is impractical to implement. Regardless, there are certain guidelines/rules we do expect are adhered to in the Chat, and contravention of which will be penalised appropriately. Most if not all of these are self explanatory, and I'm sure you will understand our decision for implementing these. They are common sense if anything, however we will formally iterate for the benefit of those who use Chat:
    • No Pornography/Explicit images at all. NSFW content is also prohibited unless it is generally deemed to be not of an offending nature outside of work. In either case a NSFW disclaimer should be made and the content linked rather than embedded.
    • Harassment/attacking/threatening members.
    • General hate speech intended to cause disruption
As has been stated. The above is pretty much common sense, however those find to be breaking the above (Really?) will be addressed appropriately.

3. New Social 'Share' button:

Now you can share your favourite VF post to your social network! We understand this may not be used much, however the convenience is there for you to share worthy news or content posted on the site. We have found considerable traffic coming from social networking sites, and it's a great way to promote traffic and increased membership, so we appreciate the shares.

To do this, simply click on the new 'Share' button located at the top of each thread post:


(Nice red highlight on the button! - As if it wasn't obvious enough).

That will be all, and for any questions regarding the above please do contact us and we will get back to you asap.


The management.
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Here are my selves become one."

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