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Future of the Vigilant Forums

The latest forum announcements and official statements from the Vigilant staff.

How do you feel about the Vigilant Forums eventually closing down?

I was expecting this. Thanks for the service the past couple of years.
I will be disappointed, but understand. It's been a good ride while it lasted.
Absolutely ridiculous. Keep it open!
Meh. Not fussed either way.
Total votes : 29

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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostMon Jun 01, 2015 8:28 am

Part of me is sad to see this place go, even if I wasn't around for a while... But everytime I checked in, the board seemed like a pale shadow of what it was in its early days. Back in the beginning, it felt like an open discussion of ideas. People discussing the things they viewed as evil. While folks didn't always agree, there was an certain amount of understanding, that we were all in this together...

But then at some point, that seemed to go away, and the typical internet cliches all started. :/ Never the less, it was great, especially in the beginning.

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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostTue Jun 02, 2015 12:36 am

Thanks for everything, Hex. I had a great time and enjoyed the input of every poster here including you Justjess.


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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostWed Jun 03, 2015 6:59 am

I voted b

Full credit to Hex and management for keeping this community alive when it needed it the most, granted i haven't been active for periods of time due to other commitments. thats changed so i look forward to letting my mind wander elsewhere besides facebook.

I also hope to see the OG's make a comeback, its definitely needed because we are fully aware of what trolls are capable of, and VC attracts the creme de la creme of trolls.

Not gunna make this a farewell note, cos i wanna see ur asses down there. You too Hexy
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostThu Jun 04, 2015 1:59 am

So, the direction of the forum 2 years on was and is uncertain, though I think the catalyst for new direction may have come a few days ago, with the introduction of the new Vigilant Citizen forum. This will be the 3rd Incarnation of the VC forum (Or 4th if you count this as the 3rd), and may provide a new home should it be needed. I had always promised myself that I would not let the hard efforts of members who have posted here go to waste, and I will honour that the best I can by leaving the forums active as long as possible, regardless of activity. The domain is due to expire sometime next year, so rest assured it will not be a sudden closure like VC.

A few relevant threads:

- Statement from VC about the closure of the V2 forums.
- Announcement of the new Vigilant Forums.
- Why was VC so popular.

Anyway, what is the point of this thread you may ask? Well, it's to air some thoughts with you regarding the forum, and to be honest about where we are with this personally, because it's what you deserve. That being, that it's likely we will be looking to shut up shop in the near future. The forum as it stands requires little maintenance, so it's 'fine', but it's not something that is able to flourish, grow and reach it's potential (which may have already peaked actually).

Anybody want to bet £50 that VCF iv will flourish, grow and be quickly shut down again in the time frame needed for this domain to expire? Lol, I'm actually tempted to join and see how it's going to end this time <.< ( that place is cursed I tellz ya!) . Don't give up hope yet peeps, this can still serve as an unofficial forum... Though I did vote B...for the feels...


And yes Hex you deserve a shitload of credit where it's due! :) .
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostFri Jun 05, 2015 5:44 am

I would just like to thank everyone who helped build this forum and all the hard work is very appreciated, thank you. This was a sanctuary for all the fellow Vigilant Citizens out there and I hope everyone continues to stay connected. Goodbye for some and hello to a new family of VC's. See you guys on the other forum. Though maybe if the forums get shut down again, we can all come back here. lol
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostFri Jun 05, 2015 5:07 pm

I'm not positive on when Hex will close the doors here but I do believe the domain will be good until next year some time, so if VCF get wrecked again check back here even if the week before there was no site here.

Hopefully VCF doesn't run into similar trouble as before, most of those troll-types seem to have moved on and hopefully won't bother with the new site. However, since it has been a while and is essentially a fresh start with none of us OVCs as moderators or the like those trolls definitely could make a resurgence, and god knows what name or alias they will choose this time. Should be interesting to see really, but I am hoping for everyone's sake that at least the old trolls don't bother. There will always be new trolls.
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostFri Jun 05, 2015 8:45 pm

Will likely close the forums sometime in the following weeks as everyone gets the memo and activity dwindles. We're already at only a post or couple per day so when it tapers off to very few per week It will be logical to do so. Whoever voted for C better speak up if you want us to consider your angle though. You will be notified when a date is set.

That being said, as Loki mentions above - If VCF does indeed go to pot again do check back here.

And thanks for the kind words all - It's been a pleasure. Credit where due to Loki and the rest of the team for being there, and for all you guys who stuck with us.
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostSat Jun 06, 2015 3:34 pm

I heard that VC forums were back alive so I came here to see if there was a discussion and I see this! I know I don't regularly log in anymore but I am sad to see the forum go! Thank you, Hex for giving us all a place to connect. The ride was good while it lasted. I have not decided whether I will join the VC forums or not.. I think I've evolved past a lot of what used to interest me and I don't know if certain topics are worthy of my energy anymore. I may just join for nostalgia purposes though.. Ahh who knows? Lol

Well, if anyone wants to connect I post a lot on my "truthy" Instagram account @bonafide_reality or you can email me and we can connect on Facebook (though I don't do much on there these days)

Peace and love to everyone
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostSat Jun 06, 2015 6:24 pm

Hope everyone is doing well.

VC forums are open.

My email is if anyone needs to contact me.
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Re: Future of the Vigilant Forums

PostSun Jun 07, 2015 9:49 pm

Sorry to hear that you are going to close down the site, although it is understandable. Im sure most who still visited will make their way to VC new forums, however I would hope if it doesnt cost too much to keep the domain active for a few years because I would put money on it VC will dismantle his site yet again, its inevitable.

While I havent contributed to the site I did look in on it routinely and will say regardless of our difference of opinion on topics I am grateful that you created the board and kept it running after VC shut his down last time Hex. I hope if you have the time and energy you will be able to do so the next time he blows his forum up.

Im sure I will see all of you back where this once began, if not I bid you a fond adieu!

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