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Meet the Woman Who Wants to Reduce The Male Population(90%)

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Re: Meet the Woman Who Wants to Reduce The Male Population(9

PostTue Sep 09, 2014 5:14 pm

I think now days these people get more exposure than deserved due to the internet. In the past have existed groups that have wanted to annihilate total populations, some have succeed to a certain extent while probably most have failed. Whatever their arguments (I can't watch videos at work) they will get some following, but from there to actually be able to reduce the male population by 90% is a long stretch, even if it doesn't seem like it.

Having people talking and wondering about this is a distraction and it only feeds the fear and division that is necessary to keep controlling the population.

Having a bunch of "crazy women" talking about how great the world would be if only men were to cease to exist shouldn't come as a surprise either. After all, women have been subjected to, controlled, suppressed, dominated, oppressed by men and you find it surprising that after all these years (centuries actually) women may want to (fantasize with) eradicating its suppressor? :roll:

We may decide to locked you in the house and not allow you to have any type of contact with other women to eliminate your need to control us. Luckily for you, men of this world, most women are sane enough to know that you can't live without us, so there is really no need to lock you up, or wipe you out of existence... :lol: I don't think you are going anywhere.
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