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Erdogan - Women Not Equal To Men

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Re: Erdogan - Women Not Equal To Men

PostWed Nov 26, 2014 9:56 pm

That's not a very good argument. Most women I know never receive child support, dad's work off the books or just refuse to pay. Alimony only stands for women who were married for a long amount of time and only with well of husbands. So really the only women addressed by this are rich women. You realize that leaves the vast majority of women out of luck?

Further what about when a woman is a stay at home mom and her partner dies? What if they aren't married or he's son young that he doesn't have enough in social security paid in?

Tbh kf u don't appear to want to have a discussion about actually solving any of these problems that you bitch about because any time I suggest any sort of solution or compromise your just like fuck that. That's why I say u don't honestly give a shit because u don't. All u care about it sticking it to women or feminists not about making anything any better for anyone - men and women included.
Scratch most feminists and underneath there is a woman who longs to be a sex object. The difference is that is not all she wants to be. ~Betty Rollin

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Re: Erdogan - Women Not Equal To Men

PostThu Nov 27, 2014 11:46 am

There are women I know who are raising their children ON THEIR OWN (because the father has abandoned their own child) who receive diddly squat in child support, as stated above they either DO work off the books, maneuver ways to make the appearance that they get FAR LESS income than they actually do or find other ways of getting out of paying pretty much ANYTHING or anything at all.

The ones who do pay child support around here pay an average of about $50.00 per month (for one child).. :shock: $50.00 a even the high amount is issued of $100.00 per all the while the men are living well themselves driving around in a very nice truck if not more than one vehicle while the now single mother struggles to take the bus or if they can manage it.. drive around in a crappy old sometimes unsafe vehicle they struggle to maintain etc.. while working their butts off at some crappy not very well paying job to take care of their child and themselves.

These are women who are working their butts off to try and make ends meet and raise their children without help because the men have walked away from their responsibilities as A DAD. There are also men who use their own children when or if they do have contact with them to manipulate them against their mothers who are often their primary caretakers, men who emotionally and mentally abuse their own child for their own devious ends, some women do this as well of course but some fathers most definitely are very capable of doing this and have no qualms about it.

There is like a pandemic of fathers who don't seem to give a shit about their own children Image.. their own offspring.. and they bitch about women even though it is the women who are very much struggling and working their tails off to keep a roof over their children's heads and some food in the fridge, women who go hungry themselves so they can feed their child more.

There are men I know also who are devoted to their children whether they are split up with the mother or not.. as it should be, it ought to be norm considering they are their own children, these also just happen to be the same men who are usually caring and understanding towards the mother of their children and do not speak unkindly about them to their children, they put their own feelings aside if there is some acrimony for the sake of their children.. you know.. like mature men... if the mother is struggling these men will help them without bitching about it and the mother if she is able to will do the same in return.

These men don't have to be ordered by a court to help the situations of their own children, there is no court necessary, nor is it wanted by either side, these men are good and decent men. It's a shame there aren't more of them. The children of the 'the other' men, the immature, mentally abusive ones have a hard road ahead, some of them turn out quite well in spite of everything and that is thanks to the hard work of their mothers.. but there is pain there due to the ill treatment, abuse, neglect or abandonment inflicted by their fathers.

I have known a few men who have ended up in gangs and when you understand who their fathers are you understand why they ended up in gangs.. it is not an excuse for men who end up as gangbangers but without fail their fathers have always been very flipping bad, astoundingly bad and criminally cruel, that is not always the case I'm sure but it is the case for every man I have ever known who has ended up in a gang and more often than not.. in prison. Then the 'father' responds with either he has no idea how his son ended up the way he did Image or they are proud that their son is such a bad ass :Clown: quite something to behold and others as well pay the price for it.


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Re: Erdogan - Women Not Equal To Men

PostWed Dec 17, 2014 8:57 pm

Kung Fu wrote:
The funny part is the jokes on women. Women nowadays are so bitter especially later in life that they feel that since their lives end up being so miserable even though they're financially secure that everyone else should be just as miserable.

Hmm, you're the one who seems bitter.

Btw, are you married?

Do you have children?

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