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MKULTRA: Where spooks, drugs and spirituality all collide.

Discussions and critical analysis of controversial social and cultural issues.
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Re: MKULTRA: Where spooks, drugs and spirituality all collid

PostSun Feb 05, 2017 10:46 am

Basically, in short, I think it is an attack on Christianity. Multifaceted persecution of the church.
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Re: MKULTRA: Where spooks, drugs and spirituality all collid

PostSun Feb 05, 2017 11:23 am

Creeper wrote:I was just curious as to what
anyone's opinion is on the first part of my last post, before I started talking about drugs. I'm pretty sure my addiction theory can fit in somewhere in this topic as well.

Your theory is correct and that is what Jan Irvin was talking about. Addiction is by design. Ofcourse man is already inclined to it but there is an unrelenting push to drive people into it. But it seems none of you have read his paper that i linked to in the OP. The other paper, i mentioned it to Loki in our on-going conversation in another thread. They are both very long and you would need time and sit down to read them. This Dyer (one of fav people) piece should be the first course. ... -the-nous/
and ... jan-irvin/
So please lemme know what you think when you are done. Also,you are welcome and iam glad you found the convo interesting!
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Re: MKULTRA: Where spooks, drugs and spirituality all collid

PostSun Feb 05, 2017 7:07 pm

You're right, km. I have a tendency to not click links or videos. Your first post was long enough, I thought you'd already had the gist of it in there.

Started to read the first one. It's incredibly long; I think I'm going to save it to read to my insomniac toddler when she won't sleep tonight. (Hey, if the world around us starts brainwashing from infancy then I can "brainwash" her to know what she's up against. She's already starting to recognize what she calls "Eye a Horus!" Which I think is pretty awesome for a kid who turns 3 tomorrow.)
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