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Fools vs. fools

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Fools vs. fools

PostSat Jan 28, 2017 10:40 am

Good morning.

I need to rant a little bit and here I go:

We've got so many groups of mentally unfit people right now, it's more than just ridiculous.
They all have a 'cause' and since others do not share their 'cause', they are 'against them'.
Fools vs. fools.

One of the most ridiculous examples is whenever there's a 'news article' about some really sick person who molested a child. You will read or hear 'off with his balls' and, of course, 'no worries, the inmates will do the same to him', as well as 'death penalty'. And so on. Basically, it's the good old 'death to all murderers !' routine.

And this is pretty much the same totally ridiculous principle regarding any group vs. any other group.

But how hard is it to focus on two basic elements - motive and (possible, desired, ...) result.
Example: Motive: 'Death to ... !' Result: Death of a person.
Both are pretty bad and obviously, there are better options.
And frankly, no one is this stupid.

Oh, or the good old 'a gay person cannot be a Christian ! He/she/it will burn in hell !'.
Motive: 'Death to ... !'. Result: Eternal torture of a person.
Of course, a gay person needs to repent and all, but for as long as that gay person is still alive, that option is a possibility. Meaning a currently gay person can become a former gay person eventually. And a Christian.
Apart from that, I would have to claim the same nonsense, by stating 'a liar cannot be a Christian !'. Or 'a smoker cannot be a Christian !'. Or 'someone who has sex, but is not married cannot be a Christian !'. And there are probably millions more where they came from.

And by now, you, the reader, should have realized that it's result times two.
Because if something is wrong with my mind - which it definitely is, if I am 'honestly' wishing any harm to anyone for any 'reason' - my mind will obviously not become any better for as long as my corrupt motives won't be fixed to normal.

Let me stop right there and fill in another example that just hit my mind:
I grew up ghetto style. If anyone tried to mess with you and you let him get away with it, you were basically unprotected game. And I'm talking five years old, on the streets and I was no exception to that. So by the time I was 13, I beat someone up pretty badly just for him not getting up to let me have his bus seat. This was 'normal' to me. By the time I was 22, I heard that someone was mentioning my name at a party, so I went to his house and beat him up without even asking one single question. And so on. I could give you hundreds of examples, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
A few years ago, there was an incident which finally opened my eyes. Since then, I try my best to not be like this anymore.

And a few weeks ago, someone sent me three guitar effect pedals. However, I did not receive the package, even though the tracking info stated 'delivered to (me)'. I then managed to have the guy who allegedly delivered show up and he didn't speak my language, but he pointed to where he put it and that meant that if somebody took it, it could've been just one guy who would have had my package for about 5 or 6 days by then. For another 2 or 3 days, I rang his bell and knocked on his door, but he never opened. Up until just a few years ago, I would've been stupid enough to have already kicked his door in, beat the crap out of him and so on, but as I said, not really an option for me anymore. On the other hand, it was just like when I grew up - if I let him get away with it, this would probably not have been the last time he had done something like that.

And this is where motive and result came into play:
Motive: I did not want to use violence and wanted him to understand to not do this kind of crap.
Result: No more violence (especially on my bill) and him to understand that this kind of crap is crap.

So this is what I did:
I took a piece of paper, wrote 'hey ! what is the situation with my package ? (my name)', grabbed some tape and taped it to his apartment door. Then I asked God something like 'can you please help that guy to do the right thing and understand and can you please help me to not do the wrong thing ?' - because I kind of knew that if I wouldn't get my stuff, I would probably mess things up, anyway. Not because of my 'loss', but rather to 'set an example for the future'.
Next morning, I woke up and an obviously retaped package with my three pedals was waiting for me at my door. And a few days later, he apologized. To me, the case was and is closed and there are no bad feelings.

Of course, to me it's all praise the LORD, but remembering to check 'motive and result' wasn't the worst thing to do.
And at the end of the day (or next morning), it's the result/s that count/s, isn't it.
And here's the thing: If I am able to do this, ANYBODY is.

My point:
Next time you want someone to burn in hell or have his balls cut off or beat her up because she is pro life or behead him because he's an infidel or kill his dog because he ran over your cat or call him names because he is black or label him a racist because he is white (because only whites can be racists) or opposes Islam (which is not a race) or generally refuse to help or even actually hate a muslim because he or she is a muslim...or whatever pathetic similar insanity - do yourself a favor and try your best to remember 'motive and result'. Not before you do anything, but before you even think about it.
Just don't be yet another fool vs. fool.
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Re: Fools vs. fools

PostThu Feb 02, 2017 2:14 am

Seems like common sense to me. Generally violence begets more violence. Although there are times when it might be necessary, like if it's to save another. If I came across somebody doing unspeakable things to a kid, there wouldn't be a second thought. Particularly while seeing red. Perhaps that's an extreme example, but it's also the truth.
"It's this house that's gone mad! I'm as sane as can be!" ~ICP; Madhouse
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Re: Fools vs. fools

PostMon Feb 06, 2017 4:25 pm

meltbanana wrote:Good morning.

I need to rant a little bit and here I go:

Peace be with you Melt, been a WHILE eh?

Well, for once Melt, that was a refreshing read. Well done bro.

I would respond to the qualms in your post regarding fool vs fool with the words of Jesus pbuh "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" - solid advice.

Fools vs fools :)

Ya know, my late grandfather (May Allah have mercy on him, Ameen) advised me many years ago with the following:

"When an intelligent person is engaged in an argument with a fool, from the distance they both look like donkeys". - solid advice.



I have nothing to do with any recommendations to join any war on any person , race or community. I do not support ISIS nor any other movement, I seek opportunities to unite mankind, I seek to look at common ground and choose to ignore differences. I do not support violence, I condemn it. I have no affiliations with any promoting of violence be it political, racial or religious.


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Re: Fools vs. fools

PostFri Dec 15, 2017 5:36 pm

Appears like presence of mind to me. For the most part brutality conceives more savagery. In spite of the fact that there are times when it may be important, as if it's to spare another. On the off chance that I went over someone doing unspeakable things to a child, there wouldn't be a doubt. Especially while seeing red. Maybe that is an outrageous case, but at the same time it's reality.


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Re: Fools vs. fools

PostFri Dec 15, 2017 5:38 pm

Ehh.. I loathe Facebook. It's extremely obliterated a considerable measure of my connections and made me genuinely despise many individuals who I'd rather not of known their political and social perspectives on life. I practically remain off it now. It doesn't discourage me however ruins my confidence in humankind.

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