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Rob (not Rod) Stewart missing

Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:47 pm

http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/toro ... -1.3961210

Auto correct = me annoyed

Reading article and comments; things seem suspicious

He was a genuinely good person.

This ducks

Re: Rob (not Rod) Stewart missing

Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:48 am

Sorry, was in the waiting room at the specialists and autocorrect was being a dick. While there, I semi-caught a blurb where this documentary maker I really like went missing last night while on a dive.

A few years ago he made this awesome documentary, Sharkwater. The shots were amazing, the content and presentation was informative and interesting, and he put his life on the line more than once during the filming. To my understanding, the film made quite the impact and actually helped initiate positive change in a number of places. He made some others that I only learned about today (I am an ostrich) so I can't comment on what they're about, but they have titles such as Revolution, and The Fight for Bala. I believe the second one is regarding Bala Falls, as he's from Toronto and there's been an ongoing (like several years) fight to save Bala Falls. Tptb want to build some sort of power plant or something there in a way that threatens the falls, but of course the people do not want this. He also wrote a book called Save the Humans. So you have an idea of the kind of man he is. Apparently he was hailed the second top documentary maker in Canada.

Anyways, so I see on the news that he went missing while on a dive last night. This news channel has a tendency to run a couple different loops throughout the day barely touching on what they've deemed top stories. I forget what station this is, but they talk about the TTC and other Toronto things a lot and they have an ugly set up of the channel featuring a lot of red. It looks like the channel you see when turning on a hotel TV. It's also the channel played in most public lobbies and waiting rooms around here. I want to say CP24, but I could be wrong. So I type Rob Stewart into Google and found that there seems to be some shade around this, and judging from the comment section, experienced divers are pointing out something doesn't seem right.

I'm seriously hoping that my gut is wrong, but I have the feeling he's been "taken care of" because he was proving to be a threat to "The Grand Plan"

I really hope he turns up okay, or better yet washes up alive on a beach somewhere and creates a new -safe- identity for himself and lays low until the time is right. The fact that he's "disappeared" tells me this guy was legit.

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