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Sexual Harassment

Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:51 am

Anyone else noticing how many of these cases are being exposed? Weinstein is everywhere. Honest Trailers guy was exposed for being just as skeevy. The Pussycat Dolls thing. Austin Jones, another YouTuber popular with young teens, is facing jail time for manipulating his young fans to send him inappropriate videos for him to jerk off to. (And all these pedo rings getting busted, but that's probably a different topic. They *could* be tied together.)

I'm glad to see that (it at least appears like) justice is finally happening for the victims of these things. (Praise the Lord!) But I am suspicious. I keep asking myself "After so long, why now?"

Does anyone else question these happenings? Or have a theory? Obviously Weinstein is being sacrificed because even non-Truthers were noticing the inconsistency with the Vegas shooting. But the others, most of whom aren't getting as much publicity, what's the agenda?

Re: Sexual Harassment

Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:55 pm

People like Weinstein were already an open secret, even people who are not conspiratorially minded will make jokes about people sucking dick to get jobs in movies or the music industry. It just gets a lot more dark and disturbing when you know about mind control and how the world really is...

The Jimmy Saville conspiracy is a good example of how things are all connected, with a lot going on in the shadows and how a lot of people can know about 'secrets' but keep quiet for all kinds of reasons. I mention it because it is similar in some ways and the reference leads nicely into my next point. In British politics, governments sometimes do a thing they call 'reshuffling', even if it is all for show. Another analogy I can think of would be 'corporate restructuring'. In a nutshell, things are moved around to try and make them more efficient and a few people have to get thrown under the bus. That is pretty much all I think is happening here. There is less room towards the top of the pyramid and these ruthless, scheming, self-serving bastards will still have fierce competition among themselves, both as groups and as individuals.

That and that 'they' are slowly normalising things that most people would consider immoral or unnatural. Even I'm starting to think some sick shit is somewhat natural because it has always gone on and it always will (which is, kind of, the definition of 'natural'), I don't even think it's just a minority anymore. Things like this have always been there, lurking just behind the scenes, 'they' just want to bring it out into the open and make it 'normal' for everyone.

It doesn't even have to just relate to their weird sexual shit. Consider the documents about JFK that are being released. Everyone already knows there was a conspiracy and I doubt that many people will even care. It helps everyone to accept the reality that we have been programmed and conditioned to accept for generations now. Imagine how controlled and accepting of things we will be by the time they release the classified 9/11 documents...

Someone has to take the fall and be blamed, even though they are just the tip of the iceberg, maybe a few more people will be sacrificed to placate the masses. Once they seem satisfied, the rest will be quietly swept back under the rug so business can continue as usual.

That's my two pennies worth of speculation for you, hopefully some of it was helpful and I haven't been too cynical and pessimistic this time. I didn't know about the honest trailers guy, so thanks for ruining that for me as well :lolno: Stay safe out there.

Re: Sexual Harassment

Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:59 am

Thank you for the well thought out reply! You're probably bang on with most (if not all) of it. Pity, really.

I was shocked by the Honest Trailers guy tbh! He seemed like such a cool dude that you could chill with. And like he'd be a cuddly teddy bear type with a decent chick. But from what I read, he was basically a YouTube Weinstein. What I don't get is why would Screen Junkies throw their most popular content creator under the bus? He probably got that channel the majority of their subscriptions. Maybe it was some timing and ego thing? The other guys think maybe now they'll get their chance to shine? Pfft! Good luck carrying the Honest Trailer torch or creating something bigger!

Oh (likely thanks to Charlie Sheen) in California, you no longer have to disclose to sexual partners if you have HIV or AIDS. Yep, basically a free pass on murder, and presumably torture since it's a slow death. Given its an open secret about casting couches and an open "joke" that most celebrities have herpes, it's plausible they all have other STDs. There is a cure, or at least a treatment, for every disease out there. Only a limited few will ever have access to it. Surely the politicians and favoured celebrities will be privy to treatment. Doesn't mean they can't still infect others.

I'm glad I got over celebrity crushes a couple years ago.

Re: Sexual Harassment

Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:06 pm

Is it me or does anyone else notice the bombardment of sexual abuse allegations? Seems it's spiralled. Now everybody is either coming forward or being accused. Makes me want to get rid of the few dvds I have. They're all sick pervs.

I never watched Gossip Girl, but I remember the actors were popular. Why would Ed Westwick need to rape girls? I did like Glee. Now knowing they not only sacrificed Cory Monteith, but Mark Saling is into little kids and also played a role in Ed's rapey behaviour....and another "unnamed" Glee actor...makes it hard to want to ever watch that show again. It was hard enough being sad for poor Cory.
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