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Self Improvement for Relationship

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Self Improvement for Relationship

PostSun Apr 05, 2015 9:27 pm


I am a beginner tarot reader, I have had my deck for over a year now, and also own a newer one. The old deck given to me seems to have given me straight forward answers on many things.

However, there are times when the reading is not so clear, especially when I ask questions that seem to be about myself and improving myself.

Today I asked the following question" What steps do I need to take to help my boyfriend be more open/ break down his wall?"

I got the moon/ reversed. Which I still use my book because I still have not learned the cards. The reversed meaning states "Blindness.Nightly Fears. A "night person".Depression.Photophobic.Criminal Tendencies. Unfaithfulness, Lunacy, Jail."

I flipped a clarification card, but then was just really stumped at the original card. How does that meaning really related to steps or guidance or actions I need to take to encourage my bf trust?

Now I feel it's kind of too late to ask them again. There has to be some time to pass before another reading about that topic correct?
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Re: Self Improvement for Relationship

PostWed Apr 08, 2015 7:46 pm

It isn't the frequency of times you're asking that matters, it's what you're asking. You generally need to be specific or clear about what you are asking, and interpret the symbology of the cards accordingly. Quite often, you will find your intuition will supplement the reading, in that you will gain a sudden 'gut feeling' or 'impression' as to what the cards are representing.

Call upon your Guides and/or Higher Self (Or Unconscious) to influence the reading in order to give you what it is you need to know. If it's about what I need to know/self development then I simply ask they pull up the cards that symbolise what I need to work on and they will.

In the case of the question about your boyfriend, it wasn't really clear to me what it is you were asking. It would be better to phrase the query to the effect of "What issues are there in our relationship?" and pull a couple cards (face down), then immediately proceed to ask "What qualities do I need to invoke to address these issues to both of our benefits?" and pull another 2 cards faced down. It's advisable to pull another few cards surrounding your partners unconscious feelings. I don't bother with reversed cards, it's unnecessary for the most part.

The moon represents intuition and following the unknown unconscious parts of ourselves. Reversed could mean that you're not listening to your Gut about it, or that you need to employ more rationale/logic and allowing your head to come into balance with your heart, Obviously I can't say for certain so I will simply leave that with you.
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