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Is the universe a paradox?

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Is the universe a paradox?

PostFri Mar 02, 2018 4:41 am

I still can't help but sometimes argue with myself if the universe, both spatial and temporal, is a self-contradicting paradox... Is it both chronologically and physically infinite, or finite in extent and origin?

If infinite, would it not 'cancel itself out' because an infinitely spatial and temporal universe would yield every and any possible outcome and reality, meaning one where it couldn't and wouldn't exist... or if it in-fact was infinite, would it just 'equalize' and 'work itself out' so-to-speak into existence because ultimately (something) has to exist as (nothing) can not - which brings me to my next matter of discussion.

If finite on the other hand, both spatially and temporally, what exists beyond its chronological and spatial boundaries? Because as previously mentioned, (nothing) can not exist, as-well as the fact that (something) can not come from nothing either, so there had to have always been (something), yet as I previously stated an infinitely temporal and spatial universe would presumably cancel its own existence out, while a finite universe would have physical and chronological boundaries, with (nothing) outside and/or before it.

The observation of the universe's entropy would indicate that it was in-fact a lot more (perhaps perfectly) in-order the farther back you go, as thermodynamic law states that entropy only gets more and more chaotic and disorganized over time, and cannot decrease, only increase. So if finite in extent the universe would have been completely perfect in terms of organization and its ability to perform mechanical work at its origin; however if infinite both through the past as-well as future, the entropy would be perfectly 100% chaotic and disorganized...

I just don't know, and it irks me whenever the subject comes up in my head. Maybe given enough time technology and human knowledge/ingenuity could advance enough to explain it in a non-paradoxical sense, hopefully in my lifetime too :)

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