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Samaritans report-MEN, SUICIDE AND SOCIETY

Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:27 am

Man, this is some depressing reading, especially for someone like me who knows they're going to be similarly screwed when they hit mid life. FML.


Mid-life has traditionally been viewed as the prime
of life. However, there is mounting concern among
mental health practitioners and policy makers about
the apparent dip in subjective wellbeing and strong
evidence of mental ill-health in this age group in
general. Subjective wellbeing, for both men and
women and across all socio-economic groups,
currently follows a curvilinear age trajectory –
a U curve – with subjective wellbeing lowest during
the mid-years.
Several models could be drawn on to explain the
higher risk of suicide at this stage of life. The social
investment model, for example, understands midlife
as a time when the consequences of long-term
decisions about work and relationships come to
light. This is also the time when the possibilities for
making changes in these domains are limited, and
likely to come at a high cost, resulting in risks to
men where their investments in relationships or
work break down. The current middle-aged cohort
is the largest ever, and, given this size, men in this
cohort find themselves in competition to meet the
life-stage demands of work and relationships – a
situation that is exacerbated by the current
economic crisis.
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